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Welcome to Nightlight!

Michigan Nightlight is a new online source of news and inspiration for people who care about kids. Our tag line, illuminating solutions for children, is just what we're doing  through interviewing visionary leaders, spotlighting dynamic work, and profiling amazing projects and programs that impact the lives of vulnerable children in our state. 
With great pleasure and much appreciation for those who contributed, we are proud to launch Michigan Nightlight.
Michigan Nightlight is an online source of solutions, news and inspiration for those who are working to positively impact the lives of Michigan kids. Our website spotlights what's working to improve outcomes for vulnerable children and shares the visions and viewpoints of our state's most effective nonprofit leaders.
Michigan Nightlight is published by Detroit-based Issue Media Group, which has been publishing web-based magazines in Michigan since 2005, including Model D, Rapid Growth, Metromode, Capital Gains and five other publications covering the state. The new site is an Issue Media Group custom publication made possible through funding from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, which has a mission to support children, families, and communities as they strengthen and create conditions that propel vulnerable children to achieve success as individuals and as contributors to the larger community and society.
Michigan Nightlight profiles programs and leaders, encouraging readers to ponder change, take action, make a connection, question a norm, learn from fellow professionals, or applaud the good work being done in our state.
New profiles and new stories will be added weekly. We welcome you to visit often and share Michigan Nightlight with your colleagues and friends.  

-Melinda Clynes, Editor
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Michigan Nightlight relaunches: Here's where to find us across Michigan

GreenFist Project at Sprout Urban Farms

How Motivated Kids and Better Food Access Fit Together

Stuart Ray, Mindy Ysasi, Mike Kerkorian, Ellen Carpenter from Grand Rapids' Nonprofits

Jumping Ship: Former Corporate Leaders Tell All

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Infancy to Innovation list

Infancy to Innovation

Engaging families of color in identifying problems and solutions

Verona Early Grade Reading Achievement

Verona Early Grade Reading Achievement Program

Improving K-2 reading

Music Makers list

Music Makers

Making music, building trust
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Bright Ideas


Can systemic racism impact infant mortality?

Even when controlling for poverty, education level, and tobacco use of a mother, maternal and infant health outcomes are far worse for minority populations than European-American women. What's causing the continued disparities? And what can West Michigan do to ensure all babies born here have the best chance of reaching their potential? Zinta Aistars reports on Strong Beginnings, one local program working to give all families a fair start.

ostdogood LIST

Company Supports 4th Grade Field Trips to Lake Michigan

Parents working more than one job or odd hours, a lack of funds, and no transportation often prevent kids from experiencing one of Michigan’s incredible natural resources. For the majority of west side Grand Rapids elementary school kids, Lake Michigan is sadly out of reach. OST has teamed up with Grand Rapids Public Schools to give fourth-graders at west side schools the opportunity to experience the big lake firsthand.


Youth Decide Where Grant Dollars are Spent

For Grand Rapids students who serve as trustees-in-training on the GRCF Youth Grant Committee, giving back to the community goes hand in hand with empowering students to succeed. 
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