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Michigan Kids

How good teachers are making a difference in multiethnic classrooms

American students are more racially and ethnically diverse than ever before. Thats why teachers in multiethnic communities are responding by developing more inclusive curriculums.
Michigan Kids

Michigan Nightlight Voices: What I learned as a 10th grader about Detroit's food system

The youth program at the Detroit Food Policy Council teaches students about the local and national food economy through interactive trips and activities. Carla Underwood writes about her eye-opening experience in the program. 
Michigan Kids

Empowerment and sustainability are issues that keep young leaders motivated

Three young nonprofit leaders whose work with young people and families is helping shape a better Southwest Michigan.
Michigan Kids

Detroit's youth gardening programs do more than build skills

Community, healthy living, and sustainability are common themes among youth gardening programs in the city of Detroit—programs that engage young people in a conversation about how to change themselves and the places they live.
Michigan Kids

Historic, unprecendented funding intended to transform Battle Creek Public Schools

"And there you have it, 51 million reasons to smile." That's the way A.J. Jones of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation summed up the funder's grant to the Battle Creek Public Schools.
Michigan Kids

Using golf to help youth master the game of life

First Tee and Midnight Golf Program teach more than a good swing. They are about life lessons, leadership skills and forming healthy habits. 
Michigan Kids

Olivia Henry, under-30 leader at the Detroit Food Policy Council

Henry, 26, recently celebrated her one-year anniversary as youth programs coordinator for Detroit Food Policy Council. But she's been involved in public service her whole life.
Michigan Kids

Students learn to appreciate Michigan waterways with Canoemobile

A program called Canoemobile brings canoes to urban areas across the country for hands-on learning experiences. More than 1,000 eighth graders in the Grand Rapids Public Schools head to the river to gain a new perspective of their city.
Michigan Kids

How this museum became one of Michigan's best spaces for kids with autism

The Grand Rapids Children's Museum has, for years, made sure that the space is a safe and friendly place for all children, including those who are on the autism spectrum. 
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