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Greening of Detroit

Michigan Kids

Land minds: 4 creative land use projects aid education of Detroit youth

Detroit has 20 square miles of vacant land. Claire Charlton writes about four projects utilizing vacant land that have the potential to impact the lives of Detroit's youth.
Michigan Kids

Detroit's mother entrepreneurs, Part I: Improving economic, social mobility

In the first of a three-part series looking at the challenges of being both a mother and entrepreneur, read about women seeking financial independence in business.
Michigan Kids

Detroit's mother entrepreneurs, Part II: Finding strength in overcoming bias

Women and minority entrepreneurs face an unfortunate amount of bias as business owners. But in the second part of our three part series on mother entrepreneurs, discover the strength that comes from pushing through those biases. 
Michigan Kids

Students, schools and farmers benefit with farm to school

Eating healthy food from local farmers across Michigan better prepares students to learn as it creates good lifelong habits.   
Michigan Kids

Teen artists transform Michigan's creative landscape

Teens in Grand Rapids, Detroit and Ann Arbor are bringing a fresh perspective to cultural realms across the state, from addressing racism and police brutality through the arts to running an indie record label and a whole lot more.
Michigan Kids

Inspiring third-grade entrepreneurs

The Diamante household found its entrepreneurial edge, spirited by the son's dog-walking business and a little help from Generation E Institute. 
Michigan Kids

Elevating STEM-talented, but often overlooked, youth

Battle Creek Math and Science Center offers inspiration for students who say: "This is more than just a high school. It’s at the edge of college. They believed in me and didn’t give up on me."
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