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Michigan Kids

At-risk youth find healing through hip-hop, rap

A therapeutic rap program at a residential treatment facility for adjudicated boys gets at-risk youth to open up about personal trauma, challenge and loss by creating music in a state-of-the-art studio.
Michigan Kids

Leaders under 30 envision the future of youth in Grand Rapids

Leaders under 30 are making a big impact with youth in Grand Rapids.
Michigan Kids

Hope Starts Here and its plan for comprehensive early childhood education in Detroit

Hope Starts Here addresses the dire need for quality early education in Detroit through an initial $50 million commitment.
Michigan Kids

Michigan Nightlight Voices: Cass Tech sophomore believes in educational equality

Experiencing stark differences in education between West Bloomfield and Detroit led this high school sophomore to community service at buildOn.
Michigan Kids

Safeguarding families from eviction

A new program offered by Legal Services of South Central Michigan helps families stop an eviction and the resulting devastation.
Michigan Kids

Overcoming racism in Michigan

Michiganders are unifying their communities, and finding peaceful pathways to overcome racism, and the divisiveness, segregation and disparities it causes.
Michigan Kids

Five families commit to an underutilized neighborhood school

More than one-quarter of Michigan students are enrolled outside of their home school district. Instead of opting for school of choice, five Grand Rapids families committed to sending their kindergarteners to their under-performing neighborhood school.
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